All About Me!


Who am I?

My name is John Ernest Amiscaray. I'm a second year computer science student at Ryerson University (name change pending). I'm passionate about programming spending hours on it on most days to hone my skills. Currently, I work part time as a technical writer and peer reviewer for Section's engineering education program. On my free time I'm a bit of a gamer and enjoy singing.

Summary of Qualifications

  • Proficient in Spring Framework to develop and deploy RESTful APIs with Swagger documentation using either Java or Kotlin
  • Communication skills to develop technical tutorials and teach others
  • Able to create full-stack applications using Angular as the frontend and Spring as the backend
  • Consistently learning new skills/technologies to satisfy my curiosity and for teaching purposes
  • Working knowledge of HTML and CSS to implement page designs

Programming Languages I've Used


Computer Science Co-op 2025 - Ryerson University

  • Second year Computer Science Co-op Student
  • Completed and excelled in a course where I’ve had to implement or work with various data structures in Lisp
  • Quickly learned many programming languages this year such as Lisp, C, and PHP to excel in my courses
  • Completed and excelled in a course on web systems development where I’ve learned the basics of responsive web design, among many fundamentals of web development


Technical Writer and Peer Reviewer - Section Engineering Education

  • The engineering education program’s goal is to help students build up their technical skills and resume to become future leaders in tech.
  • Used communication skills to write several articles with the goal of simplifying complex concepts and learning new skills in the process. Topics ranged from Minecraft plugins, backend and frontend web development, unit testing, and Java as a language
  • Used Git to submit new articles for review in the form of pull requests
  • Mentored new writers as a part of the peer reviewer program. Did thorough code reviews of other authors’ pull requests for incoming articles
  • Analyzes what concepts would be confusing to readers and plans accordingly to produce coherent work


Scripting Siege

This was perhaps my most ambitious project which was created for the Google Solutions challenge. This project was created to help people learn basic Javascript and general programming in the form of a video game. For this project, I've developed a scratch-like pseudo-programming language specifically for the game. Additionally, I help implement the page design using HTML and CSS and assisted in further application logic. Check it out here!

Sassy Spring

This project was created for a university course on web development that I recently completed. My partner and I created a tutorial website talking about the basics of Spring Framework and Sass along with a full demo. Check it out here!